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We are Lisa and Paul a husband and wife team creating beautiful boudoir photography. We are based in Las Vegas, Nevada but will travel whenever there is an opportunity. Being the artists that we are, we know that woman and men see things differently. You see a difference when you have two photographers a male and female perspective capturing the beauty that everyone sees in you. Over the years we have photographed over 500 weddings and been published in many national and international magazines. We are now shifting our focus in capturing tasteful and erotic images which will make you feel beautiful, empowered and sexy.


Photography was something Paul was brought up with from a very young age. His father was a photographer for the United States Navy back in the day. There were no digital cameras, no computers. It was film and dark rooms. Being a curious young child Paul asked his dad what the strange machines was in the attic. His father explained that was his darkroom equipment. Paul asked if he could take his own pictures after he had developed some of his fathers and told them that they “sucked”. His father said, “If you think it is so easy than you go right ahead.” With his first roll of film 3 award winning photographs were captured. With that a love for photography was born. Paul always was experimenting with whatever he could find. At the age of 11 Paul submitted his photos in the County Fair and found himself winning awards. At 16 the County Fair asked him to stop submitting pictures in the student category. They asked him to submit as an adult to give the other students a chance to win some prizes. He then became the top winning photographer in the adult category for the next three years. He also was on the High School yearbook staff and oversaw everything that had to do with photography. He started a photography company while still in high school and began with senior portraits, that soon branched out into weddings, family pictures and events.

College came and Paul decided to get his BA degree in Communications with an emphasis in Film Production with a minor in Television Production graduating with honors and a scholastic scholarship. With that for many years in LA Paul had his own production company and captured many movies and commercials that we have all seen. During this period, he and his company won 12 Telly awards for commercials and industrial videos.

Lisa is a mother of two and is very compassionate and a caring person that will be your calm in the room. She has captured hundreds of women and she is there for you. During the portrait session Lisa is there for you to fix, adjust and put your hair back in place. She wants you to look fabulous in your pictures, because they are so important. Lisa also started young and was on her high school yearbook staff. She learn to shoot pictures there. Since Lisa joined Paul her skill and knowledge has grown. She is also an award winning and published photographer with an artistic eye. In addition to being trained on the job by Paul, Lisa has completed numerous classes with PPA, WPPI and other online resources. Lisa does our customer styling and manages the business, including customer service. Please call her with all your questions or just to chat about your photography session.

When we first started shooting together there was two separate companies Lisa Polonet Intimate Photography and Paul’s Vegas Photography. Over the years it was hard to separate the two and we merged to one. We both got away from what we originally wanted to focus on. For Lisa it was the strength that comes from saying “I am going to get out of my comfort zone and do this” for Paul it was about bringing out the “beauty” that is in every woman. We are now focused back on the original goal of empowering, bringing out the strength and inner beauty in our clients.

There are no dumb questions and there is no need to worry about anything when you book your session with us. We have been doing this for a long time (which I will say spans over 30 years or more). You will see pictures of Lisa in our portfolio that she will say were not the easiest for her to do. As she like every woman in today’s world is body conscious.

Let’s have fun capturing a new perspective of you! We want to find that look that you did not think was there or that you thought might have left you.


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